omega days

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With that out of the way, let’s get down to business. Reviewing business.

Omega Days – Review:

I received this signed copy at Book Expo America 2014. Usually, the zombie/horror genre is not my thing, but I saw so many good reviews about this that I had to try it.

I didn’t get very far.

The writing is great, the action is non stop, the descriptions are gory and detailed…and that is what got me in the end. I will read up to page 50 (page 100 if I think it needs more time) and then throw it back if I see I’m not enjoying it. Omega Days held me until about page 42. The gore was too much. Now, I read medical novels and have no issue with Ebola-bleed-outs or Spanish Flu mass graves, but the undead are not for me. This is in NO WAY reflective of Campbell’s writing style. The book was well written, with multiple plotlines and authentic characters, as far as I read.

I really can’t tell you much about the plot, other than there are normal people just living out their lives (a priest, a college girl) and then all of a sudden there is screaming, chomping, blood, mass hysteria, and ripped flesh everywhere. Fans of the zombie/apocalyptic novel will enjoy this a great deal, I think.

As I mentioned before, I have a signed copy. Gimmethatbook would love to pass this novel on to someone who will read and enjoy it.